As a teacher of high school or undergraduate Earth Sciences or Physics, you can use this set of computer-based tools when teaching the concept of Coriolis Force.

Your current lesson plan can be augmented with the following resources of this toolkit:

Resources in the Toolkit

1.  A micro-lecture that introduces the concept of Coriolis Force
2.  A brief reading on Coriolis force
3. A classroom exercise where students learn about Coriolis force by performing a hands on activity  


Teaching Toolkit Metadata
Discipline Earth Sciences and Physics
Grade Level High school, Undergraduate
Related Core Curriculum Topics Coriolis Force
Region Global
Availability Online and Offline
Languages English
IT competency required Intermediate


Contents of Toolkit
1. A micro-lecture (video format) ‘The Coriolis Effect’ by Prof Raghu Murtugudde: University of Maryland. Video lecture developed for TROP ICSU at Science Media Center, IISER Pune, India‘The Coriolis Effect’ by Khan Academy
2. Background Reading National Geographic: The Coriolis Effect
3. Classroom Activity ‘The Coriolis Effect’ Hands-on classroom activity to understand the Coriolis Effect. Students drawing arrows on the globe as they rotate a double-sided copy of the northern and southern hemispheres , Laura Reiser Wetzel, Eckerd College



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