We aim to integrate relevant education and science communication modules in the education system to help future citizens across the globe in improving their understanding of the science of climate change and in developing necessary skills to mitigate its impact.



TROP ICSU (“Trans-disciplinary Research Oriented Pedagogy for Improving Climate Studies and Understanding”) is a global project funded by the International Council of Science. The project is led by International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS) and co-led by International Union For Quaternary Research (INQUA).


We collate and curate digital/ICT-based teaching resources that integrate climate studies across the curriculum of Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences and Humanities. These teaching resources are locally rooted in their context, but globally relevant for their science.


   Dear Teachers / Educators

  • These resources are by teachers and for teachers.
  • The project is a proof of concept. It showcases a way of integrating climate change education with the core curriculum.
  • You may have your own creative ways of achieving the same objective. Please do share your ideas on this platform for the benefit of other teachers across the world.
  • We are aware that not all lesson plans provided here may be suitable for use across the globe. We sincerely hope that our efforts here would provide you with ideas to develop your own Lesson Plans.
  • Your feedback after using these resources will greatly help us in further improving the educational resources for climate change education.


Climate Change Education across the Curriculum

Teaching Resources

Our innovative educational resources, with detailed step-by-step descriptions for use in regular lectures, are designed and packaged so that teachers in schools and colleges/Universities across the world can use them to

  1. introduce examples and case studies from climate science and climate change while enhancing the conceptual understanding of topics in the Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and other disciplines
  2. impart interdisciplinary training that is essential for research on climate change.
Teaching Tools

Each Teaching Tool is typically a computer-based tool such as an interactive visualization, model/ simulator, video micro-lecture, or classroom/ laboratory/ field activity that can be used to teach a topic in the curriculum of a particular discipline with the help of a climate-related example.

The Teaching Tools are categorized on the basis of Discipline, Type of Tool, Climate Topic, Grade Level, Region and Language.

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Lesson Plans

Each Lesson Plan consists of a set of teaching tools and a write-up, packaged in the form of a step-by-step guide.

The content in a Lesson Plan describes how a topic in a particular discipline  can be taught by using examples, case studies, and exercises related to climate change.

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Educators Workshops

The TROP ICSU team aims to introduce the collection of digital teaching resources on the project website to teachers of various disciplines or subjects (Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Humanities) through workshops organized in different countries. These workshops are being planned and organized with valuable support from our partners and collaborators.

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Educators Survey

We are conducting a Preliminary Survey for school and undergraduate teachers (educators) to understand how topics related to climate change are currently discussed in the classroom in different parts of the world. The short survey is currently available in several languages.

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TROP ICSU meticulously follows a methodology adopted along with various steps taken to review and validate the educational resources collated under this project.

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Project Policy

All the pedagogical tools in our collated list are owned by the corresponding creators or authors or organizations as listed on their websites. Please view our Policy Document for further details.

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What is Climate Change

Your simple guide to climate change, concepts and related terminology

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Sustainable Development Goals

Our project directly aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 and 13.

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The project partners include other international unions, national academies of several countries, national research centers, and United Nations agencies.

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The goal is not to introduce Climate Education as a stand-alone topic, but to integrate it with the core curriculum of Science, Mathematics, and Social Sciences.