Audio: Climate Change and Children

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An audio conversation between Caroline Hickman, psychotherapist and climate psychology lecturer at University of Bath, and host Verity Sharp about the methods of engaging children and young people in discussions surrounding climate change and ecological crisis.

Students will learn about the various methods in therapy of engaging children in climate change discussion while being mindful of climate change led trauma. Additionally, they will learn how to guide parents in their anxiety and fear of exposing their children to the climate crisis, and learn methods in which parents can be assisted to not burden their child with the information and responsibility.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is climate psychology?
  2. How does climate change affect children and young people?
  3. What are the methods of engaging children in climate change discussion?

About the Tool

Tool Name Talking with Children about Climate Change
Discipline Social Sciences, Psychology
Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Psychology, Psychotherapy, Child Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Anxiety, Fear, Trauma
Climate Topic Climate and Society; Climate and Health
Type of Tool Audio (37 mins)
Grade Level Graduate
Location Global
Language English
Translation None
Developed by Climate Psychology Alliance
Hosted at Climate Psychology Alliance
Link Link
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic

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