Audio: Climate Psychotherapy

An audio conversation between Caroline Hickman and Tree Staunton, hosted by the Climate Psychology Alliance, about the need for climate and environmental awareness in psychotherapy. 

This tool can be used to teach your students about ‘Eco-anxiety and ‘Eco-empathy in the therapy room. Additionally, students will learn about crisis work, negative capability, and resonance in psychotherapy. Students will also understand how climate-aware therapy can tackle climate emergencies through shared concern such as loss, despair, grief  and a sense of abandonment.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. Why has climate change become a prevalent discussion in psychotherapy?
  2. How can a therapist become  climate-aware?
  3. What is eco-anxiety and how is it impacting individuals who come in for psychotherapy?

About the Tool

Tool Name Talking Climate Change in Therapy Room
Discipline Social Sciences, Psychology
Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Psychology, Psychotherapy, Climate-aware therapy, Eco-anxiety, Eco-empathy, Climate Vulnerability, Grief, Loss, Despair
Climate Topic Climate and Health; Climate and Society
Type of Tool Audio (44 mins)
Grade Level Undergraduate (Senior Level), Graduate
Location Global
Language English
Translation None
Developed by Climate Psychology Alliance: Caroline Hickman and Tree Staunton
Hosted at Climate Psychology Alliance: Difficult Truths
Link Link
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic

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