Audio: Psychology of Climate Denial

This is an audio podcast of The Guardian on the psychology of climate science denial. This tool discusses psychological barriers and cognitive biases that determine individual responses to climate change.

Students will learn about the cognitive biases that play a pivotal role in climate science denial such as Confirmation Bias and Loss Aversion. Students will also learn about climate biases in corporate and government sectors and how behavioural psychology can be used for effective climate communication.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is the psychology behind climate science denial?
  2. What cognitive biases make it difficult to understand climate change?
  3. How can behavioural psychology be used for effective climate communication for individuals, corporations and governments?

About the Tool

Tool Name The psychology of climate science denial
Discipline Social Sciences, Psychology
Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Psychology, Behavioural Psychology, Psychology of Climate Denial, Cognitive Biases, Climate Communication
Climate Topic Climate and Society; Policies, Politics, and Environmental Governance
Type of Tool Audio (35 mins)
Grade Level High School, Undergraduate
Location US, Global
Language English
Translation None
Developed by Ian Sample (in conversation with Debika Shome, Tima Bansal, and Matthew McGregor)
Hosted at The Guardian
Link Link
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic

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