In this exercise, students will learn how organisms respond to the change in climate since the last glacial maximum (LGM) by comparing modern and Pleistocene era beetles, mammals and plant taxon distribution. 

About the Tool

Tool Name Beetles, Mammals, and Plants: Is Climate Driving Range Shifts Since the Last Glacial Maximum
Discipline Biological Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Biodiversity, Animal Diversity, Evolution and Behavior, Species and Speciation, Ecology, Populations, Zoogeography
Climate Topic Climate and the Biosphere
Type of Tool Laboratory Activity
Grade Level Undergraduate
Location North America
Language English
Developed by Christian George (High Point University), Jessie Rock (North Dakota State University), Allan Ashworth, North Dakota State University)
Hosted at Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College
Access Online
Computer Skills Intermediate