Data Visualization of GHG Emissions

CAIT Climate Data Explorer by World Resources Institute (WRI) showcases the world’s top greenhouse gas-emitting countries with the latest global data available till the year 2013. This interactive chart can be used to explore it by country and by economic sector, showing how the top emitters have changed in recent years.

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Tool Name World’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions
DisciplineEnvironmental Sciences
Topic(s) in DisciplineGreenhouse gas emissions
Climate TopicClimate variability record, The Greenhouse Effect
Type of ToolData Visualization
Grade LevelHigh school, Undergraduate
Developed byGraphic by Johannes Friedrich based on work by Duncan Clark, Kiln, Mike Bostock and Jason Davies, Jamie Cotta.
Data by the World Resources Institute (WRI)
Hosted atCAIT Climate Data Explorer
Computer SkillsBasic

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Video: Galapagos Penguins, Permanent El Niño, and Human Evolution

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