Data Storytelling Studio: Climate Change

This course hosted at MIT Open Course Ware explores visualization methodologies to conceive and represent systems and data, e.g., financial, media, economic, political, etc., with a particular focus on climate change data. The course is useful not only for Media and Communication Studies but also for Computer Science, and Statistics disciplines. 

Economics Toolkit: Teaching The Tragedy of the Commons using Climate-Related Examples

As a teacher of undergraduate Economics you can use this set of computer-based tools when teaching The Tragedy of the Commons.

Your current lesson plan can be augmented with the following resources of this toolkit

  1. Video that introduces the concept of Tragedy of the Commons
  2. Reading Climate Change: The Ultimate Tragedy of the Commons?
  3. Laboratory Activity in which the atmosphere of planet Earth can be considered as a “commons” and that it is affected by human activities such as global warming.

Thus, the use of this toolkit allows you to integrate the teaching of a climate science topic with a core topic in Economics.

Is There a Trend in Hurricane Intensity?

This laboratory activity allows a student to explore trends in hurricane intensity, the possible impact of climate change on hurricanes, and understanding uncertainty in trends. This tool can be used as an aid to teach topics such as Data Analysis, Linear Slope,Confidence Interval, Student’s t-distribution, and Standard Deviation in Statistics.