Classroom/ Laboratory Activity: Interactive Quiz on the Water Cycle

An interactive quiz about the Water Cycle. This  quiz by NASA’s Global Climate Change website allows students to test their knowledge about the natural water cycle and its role in Earth’s climate. 

Students will be quizzed on various aspects of the water cycle, including evaporation and precipitation. They will understand the connections between the various components of the water cycle and be introduced to some of the facts and figures associated with these components. 

Use this tool to help your students find answers to: 

  1. Discuss the ‘Water Cycle’ and its components in the classroom. 
  2. Discuss how climate change can potentially affect the water cycle. 

About the tool

Tool NamePrecipitation and the Water Cycle
Topic(s) in DisciplineEnvironmental Chemistry, Water Cycle, Biogeochemical Cycles, Hydrologic Cycle, Condensation, Evaporation, Evapotranspiration, Groundwater, Precipitation, Sublimation
Climate Topic Climate and the Hydrosphere; Climate and the Atmosphere
Type of tool Quiz
Grade LevelMiddle School, High School
Developed byNASA’s Global Climate Change
Hosted atNASA’s Global Climate Change Website
Computer SkillsBasic
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