Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Photosynthesis Under Variable Environmental Conditions

A simple simulator that allows users to change a range of variables such as the color of light, brightness of light, and carbon dioxide concentration, and then note their impact on the photosynthetic efficiency of a plant.

Use this tool to help students find answers to:

  1. What are the factors that influence photosynthesis?
  2. How does the increase in carbon dioxide levels affect the rate of photosynthesis?

About the Tool

Tool Name Photosynthesis- A Simple Virtual Lab
Discipline Biological Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Photosynthesis, Photosynthetic Efficiency, Factors affecting Photosynthesis
Climate Topic Climate and the Biosphere
Type of Tool Classroom/Laboratory Activity
Grade Level High school
Location Global
Language English
Developed by Lifelong Kindergarten Group
Hosted at MIT Media Lab
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic



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