Classroom/ Laboratory Activity: World Petroleum Consumption

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A classroom/ laboratory activity titled, ‘World Petroleum Consumption’ from Sustainability Math by Thomas J. Pfaff, Ithaca College, USA, to teach integration using a hands-on computer-based classroom activity that includes world petroleum consumption data from 1980 to 2016

This data is provided in an Excel spreadsheet. The classroom activity also includes a Word document that contains directions on how to use different mathematical methods on the data provided.

Students will learn how to apply their understanding of the relationship between a function and its integral and to set up and solve equations with an integral to describe the trend of world petroleum consumption over time. Additionally, they will also be able to answer how this global petroleum consumption is responsible for carbon emissions that have contributed towards post-industrial age global warming.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is the relationship between a function and its integral?
  2. How has the world petroleum consumption changed since 1980?

About the Tool

Tool NameWorld Petroleum Consumption
DisciplineMathematics and Statistics
Topic(s) in DisciplineIntegration, Integral Function, Function
Climate TopicEnergy, Economics and Climate Change; Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
Type of toolClassroom/Laboratory Activity
Grade LevelHigh School, Undergraduate
Developed byThomas J. Pfaff
Hosted atSustainability Math 
AccessOnline, Offline
Computer SkillsBasic