This course hosted at MIT Open Course Ware explores visualization methodologies to conceive and represent systems and data, e.g., financial, media, economic, political, etc., with a particular focus on climate change data. The course is useful not only for Media and Communication Studies but also for Computer Science, and Statistics disciplines. 

About the Resource

Tool Name Data Storytelling Studio: Climate Change
Discipline Media and Communication Studies; Computer Science, Statistics, Social Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline For all: Basic methods for research;

For Science and Technology disciplines: Cleaning, and analysis of datasets; Visualization methodologies for data; Data interpretation

For Media and Communication disciplines: Creative methods of data presentation and storytelling; Effects of different presentation methods;  How to develop metrics for assessing impact

Climate Topic Policies and Environmental Governance, Climate Variability Record, Economics and Climate Change
Type of Tool E-learning course
Grade Level Undergraduate, Post Graduate
Location Global
Language English
Developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Hosted at MIT Open Course Ware
Access Online
Computer Skills Intermediate