This interactive map helps students to visualize the impacts of a global temperature rise on human health, agriculture, forests, oceans and marine ecosystems, permafrost, water availability, extreme climate events, sea-level rise, etc.

Tool Name Four-degree interactive map
Discipline Geography
Topic(s) in Discipline Impact of global temperature rise, the impact of climate change on forests, agriculture (crops), water availability (droughts), sea-level rise, marine ecosystems (ocean acidification), permafrost, tropical cyclones and health
Climate Topic Climate and Health, Climate and the Atmosphere, Climate and the Biosphere, Climate and the Lithosphere, Climate and the Hydrosphere, Climate and the Cryosphere, Disasters, and Hazards, Long-term Cycles and Feedback Mechanisms
Type of Tool Interactive Visualization
Grade Level High School
Location  Global
Language English
Developed by UK Met Office
Hosted at UK Met Office
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic