Launch of the new TROP ICSU Portal:

On 1 August 2019, an interactive and user-friendly portal for TROP ICSU was officially launched. The
new portal is now accessible at This enhanced version of the
digital repository for the TROP ICSU educational resources was developed in collaboration with
IMAGINARY (a partner of the TROP ICSU project) and Mathigon.

On the occasion of the 33rd General Assembly and Centenary Year celebrations of the InternationalUnion of Biological Sciences (IUBS) at Oslo, Norway, the new TROP ICSU portal was formally launched. The new interactive portal provides an enhanced user experience for teachers, educators, and learners through improved ease-of-use and accessibility. The launch of the new portal is an important step toward wider dissemination of the TROP ICSU teaching resources across the world.

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