Teaching Resources for Pandemic and Global Changes

Several studies have causally linked climate change to loss of biodiversity, increased human-wildlife conflicts and the emergence of new zoonotic diseases. Modern, increasingly mobile human civilization and high-density populations in large cities are a recipe for any new disease to spread quickly and to become a pandemic.  We are in the middle of one such pandemic, highlighting the urgency to focus on climate, environment and sustainability.  To enable teachers to participate in this global endeavor, we bring several lesson plans which seamlessly integrate with your current curriculum and syllabi of several disciplines.

The Lesson Plan “Climate Change and Risks of New Pandemics”  could be used to teach how human activities induced climate change, in turn, causes biodiversity disturbances and could be responsible for the increased risk of animal virus spillover into human populations.

With the help of another Lesson Plan, “Demography and Pandemics in a Warming World“,  students could be taught about population patterns, urbanization, and the relation of demography and the environment. This lesson plan will help the students to understand how demographic changes due to factors such as climate change, can make human populations more vulnerable to pandemics like COVID-19.

Another Lesson Plan in this series, “Economic Policy for ‘Green Recovery’ from the Pandemic“, could be used to teach how carbon pricing vis-a-vis carbon taxes, could help governments’ ‘green recovery’ economic strategies to rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic related economic slowdown.

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