Teachers Workshop at Pune, India

The TROP ICSU team conducted a “Digital Pedagogy & Climate Change Education Workshop for Teachers of All Disciplines” on 5th-6th August 2022 at IISER Pune, India. The workshop had participation from 50 teachers teaching at colleges and at high schools in Pune and nearby regions.
In this multidisciplinary and interactive workshop, participants came together to discuss ideas about integrating climate education with the regular curricula of various disciplines. This workshop introduced the participants to digital teaching resources to teach topics in the Sciences, Mathematics, Data Science, Social Sciences, and Humanities using climate-related examples, case studies, and activities.  The workshop was aligned with the objectives of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 of India. Participants also developed their own Lesson Plans with the help of experienced mentors from the TROP ICSU team.
The workshop included the following invited talks which covered various aspects of climate science and climate education.
  • “Using climate and environmental challenges to develop systems thinking”, By Dr Joy Monteiro, IISER Pune
  • “Designing a Lesson Plan” by Dr Pooja Sancheti, IISER Pune
  • “Groundwater: the invisible, oft-ignored water lifeline” By Dr Himanshu Kulkarni, Advanced Center for Water Resources Development and Management (ACWADAM)
  • “Earth – Human System: History, Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Biology”, By Prof Raghu Murtugudde, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland; Visiting Professor, IIT Bombay
  • “Role of Statistical Reasoning in Understanding Climate”, By Prof. Amit Apte, IISER Pune
  • “Climate Literacy for Surviving the 21st Century” , by Dr Priyadarshini Karve, Samuchit EnviroTech
  • “NEP 2020 and Education for Sustainable Development”,by Prof. L S Shashidhara, IUBS


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