Our Choice of Pedagogical Tools

This project provides methods of bringing climate science to students and the general public through pedagogical interventions.

Online-EduThe project includes collection, collation and development of  climate science-related pedagogical tools available to educators and citizens globally.  Tools are classified according to climate topics for use in the classroom and as research based projects.Teaching-Toolkit-Logo

Development of Teaching Toolkits that include various pedagogical tools such as simulators, models, data visualizers, classroom and laboratory exercises, mobile apps and games, audio resources and podcasts, video lectures and online courses.


Educators as drivers of change

For Educators in the Sciences and Mathematics: Introduce climate change-related topics while teaching basic concepts of science and mathematics in schools and universities.

For Climate Science Educators: Resources for developing climate change curriculum



Locally Rooted, Culturally Appropriate and Globally Relevant Pedagogical Tools for Climate Change

  1. Tools that use local data, thus promoting the teaching and understanding of climate change in the local context.
  2. Tools that include team-based activities, thus enabling the learning and exploration of climate change as a group.
  3. Tools that enable learners to explore various possible solutions, thus facilitating interactive learning.
  4. Tools that reveal the scientific and mathematical concepts used and show the interaction between different components of the system, thus triggering systems thinking and deep learning1334869889
  5. Tools that allow users to determine policies for mitigating and adapting to climate change, thus equipping our future citizens with leadership skills for sustainable and equitable development.


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