Reading: Biodiversity, Gender and Climate Change

A short introductory reading from the GenderCC Women for Climate Justice website that summarizes the gender dimensions of climate change with relation to biodiversity and ecosystems. This reading is part of a larger study on the gender dimensions of climate change in several sectors such as agriculture, biodiversity, consumption, disaster, energy, forests, health, migration, population, tourism, transport, waste and water. The reading specifically discusses the traditional role of women as household managers, how they tend to use natural resources in the house, traditional knowledge systems and current gender gaps in the sector. 

Students will be introduced to the role of women in household related natural resource use and decision making. They will learn the importance of women’s knowledge of local biodiversity and their efforts in conservation and natural resource management. 

Use this tool to help your students find answers to: 

  1. Discuss the gender dimensions of climate change in biodiversity and natural resource management.
  2. Discuss gender inequality in terms of needs, knowledge and behaviour in biodiversity conservation.
  3. Discuss the term “biopiracy”.
  4. Discuss the current state of women representation in biodiversity, conservation and natural resource management.

About the tool 

Tool NameBiodiversity, Gender and Climate Change
DisciplineSocial Sciences
Topic(s) in DisciplineGender, Gender Studies, Gender and Biodiversity, Biodiversity, Conservation, Natural Resource Management
Climate Topic Climate and Society, Policies, Politics and Environmental Governance
Type of tool Reading 
Grade LevelUndergraduate, Graduate
Developed byGenderCC Women for Climate Justice
Hosted atGenderCC Women for Climate Justice website
Computer SkillsBasic 
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