Reading: Climate Change and Agriculture

A reading to learn about the effects of climate change on food security and to explore climate change adaptation measures to ensure food security

The modules in this reading (from the Contents) are:

  • Climate Change Impacts on Food Security: Overview of Latest Knowledge
  • Ensuring Food Security and Good Nutrition in the Context of Climate Change: Options and Lessons Learned

Use this tool to help students find answers to:

  1. How does climate change affect agro-ecosystems?
  2. What measures can be adopted to build the resilience of agricultural systems to climate change?

About the Tool

Tool Name Climate change and food security: risks and responses
Discipline Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Geography
Topic(s) in Discipline Food Security, Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Security, Resilience of Agricultural Systems, Resilience of Livelihoods
Climate Topic Climate and Food, Climate Change and Food Security, Climate Change and Agriculture
Type of Tool Reading
Grade Level Undergraduate
Location Global
Language English
Developed by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Hosted at Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Access Online, Offline (can be downloaded)
Computer Skills Basic