Reading: Climate-Informed Development to Mitigate Global Poverty

A feature story on a comprehensive report by the World Bank that describes the threat of climate change to poor people and the ways to offset it through adaptation and mitigation strategies.

The students will view an embedded video to understand the need for policies to manage the adverse effects of climate change on poverty. The associated text and info-graphic will enable students to understand that measures taken to eradicate global poverty are thwarted by climate related factors and therefore, alleviation of global poverty must be addressed through ‘climate smart development’.

Use this tool to help students find answers to:

  1. ‘It is the poor who are affected most by climate change’. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.
  2. How are the struggles against poverty and climate change interlinked?
  3. What policies and actions are needed to mitigate climate change as well as reduce poverty?

About the Tool

Tool Name Rapid, Climate-Informed Development Needed to Keep Climate Change from Pushing More than 100 Million People into Poverty by 2030
Discipline Economics, Social Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Poverty, Poverty Cycle, Human Development, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Climate Adaptation, Climate Mitigation, Disaster Management, Resilience, Inequality
Climate Topic Climate and the Anthroposphere
Type of Tool Reading
Grade Level High school, Undergraduate
Location Global, South East Asia, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Philippines, Honduras
Language English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian
Developed by World Bank
Hosted at World Bank
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic