Reading: Ecosystem-Based Conservation in Central Africa

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A case study titled ‘Mountain Gorillas Ecosystem Services and Local Livelihoods in Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo’ from the report ‘Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development – Harnessing Synergies and Celebrating Successes’. This case study describes ecosystem-based conservation of the mountain gorilla in Central Africa. It focuses on the vulnerability of mountain gorillas as well as the local communities in the region due to climate change and its impacts. 

Students will learn about threats faced by mountain gorillas, in terms of habitat loss, community use of forest resources, and climate change. They will also learn of ecosystem-based approaches of mountain gorilla conservation. Additionally, students will understand how mountain gorilla habitat conservation is linked to livelihoods of local communities in the region. 

Use this tool to help your students find answers to: 

  1. What are the threats faced by the mountain gorilla of Central Africa due to climate change?
  2. Discuss ecosystem-based conservation approaches for the conservation of mountain gorilla and their habitat.
  3. Discuss the role of different stakeholders in ecosystem-based conservation.

About the Tool 

Tool Name 9.8. Case #8 Mountain Gorillas Ecosystem Services and Local Livelihoods in Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo from Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development harnessing synergies and Celebrating Successes
Discipline Biological Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Conservation, Ecosystem-based Conservation, Habitat Loss, Mountain Gorilla
Climate Topic Climate and the Biosphere
Type of Tool Reading
Grade Level High School, Undergraduate
Location Africa, Central Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo
Language English
Developed by Guy Midgley, Sarshen Marais, Mandy Barnett and Katinka Wågsæther, University of South African National Biodiversity Institute, Conservation South Africa and Indigo Development and Change
Hosted at UNFCCC
Link Reading Link
Access Online, Offline
Computer Skills Basic
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