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This video gives an overview of Climate and Health, and especially about the vector-borne diseases.  Tool Name Human Health, Vector-Borne Diseases, and Climate Change Discipline Biology Topic(s) in Human Health, Vector-Borne Diseases Climate Climate and
A video lecture by Rahul Chopra, TROP ICSU and IISER Pune on climate change educational resources that Social Sciences teachers can use in their classrooms. These educational resources integrate climate change understanding with the core
Discussion on climate and culture with writers Amitav Ghosh, Lidia Yuknavitch and visual artist Kambui Olujimi. Audio conversation about global warming as viewed from the perspective of writers and artists. About the Tool Tool Name
A feature story on a comprehensive report by the World Bank that describes the threat of climate change to poor people and the ways to offset it through adaptation and mitigation strategies. The students will
A model/simulator to understand the relationships between climate change, economics, and social factors. Students will customize parameters related to policy (such as emissions-related tax or treaty), climate (such as levels of climate sensitivity and harm),
An e-learning course to learn about the science of climate change, simple climate models, natural factors and human activities that influence climate, and options to mitigate climate change. Students will perform exercises and activities to
A video titled ‘Locust swarm threatens Somalia food crisis’ by AP Archive that discusses the threat of the recent desert locust outbreak to Somalia’s food and crop production. The video also discusses how the rapid
A guidebook of gender-sensitive approaches to climate change policy for city planning. It discusses the different ways in which women and men are affected by climate change. This guidebook includes discussions on gender inequalities such
A video/microlecture by The Knowledge Exchange that discusses the impacts of climate change on society. This video was excerpted from an edX course, "Making Sense of Climate Change Denial" available at It includes discussions
A video lecture by Raghu Murtugudde​, University of Maryland, on the historic record of human activity from the start of the Holocene period, 11,000 years ago, to the Little Ice Age. This video lecture is
A video lecture titled, ‘Basic Thermodynamics’ from the e-learning course, ‘Introduction to Atmospheric Science’ developed by C Balaji, IIT Madras, for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), India. This video lecture explains and details
A set of reading resources to learn about climate change and the humanities. About the Tool Tool Name Book List: Climate Change & Humanities Discipline Humanities Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Change in the Humanities Climate
As a teacher of Psychology in the Social Sciences, you can use this teaching module to draw a link between psychological bias and climate change.  Through this module students will learn about the ‘MPG Illusion’
A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about the rate of sea-level rise and the response of shorelines to sea-level change. Students will examine and analyze sea-level change data and shoreline response for the coast of California

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