Climate and Health

A classroom activity that discusses the impacts of black carbon emissions on human health. This activity by the Science Education Research Center at Carleton College (SERC Carleton) demonstrates how the burning of fossil fuels and
A video titled ‘Mental Health Issues and Climate Change’ by Lise Van Susteren, George Mason University, that discusses the link between climate change and mental health. The video discusses impacts of climate change on physical
A microlecture titled ‘Climate Psychiatry: The Diverse Challenges of Climate Change to Mental Health’ by Robin Cooper and Alex Trope, University of California, that discusses the impact of climate change on mental and emotional health.
An audio lecture from the ‘Climate Change and Health’ audio series by Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University, that discusses how climate change and environmental change will impact physical and mental health
A video titled ‘Mental Health Issues and Climate Change’ by Susan Clayton, The College of Wooster, that discusses the impacts of climate change on mental health. The video focuses on why it is necessary to
A video microlecture that discusses the potential impact of global warming on human health and sleep cycles. This video by Ryan Cross, hosted on the website of the journal Science,  describes the effects of warmer 
An audio conversation between Caroline Hickman, psychotherapist and climate psychology lecturer at University of Bath, and host Verity Sharp about the methods of engaging children and young people in discussions surrounding climate change and ecological
An audio interview by the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) of Paul Hoggett, Director of the Centre for Psycho- Social Studies at the University of the West of England and cofounder of CPA, and Caroline Hickman,
A chapter from the report, ‘Psychology and Global Climate Change’, of The American Psychological Association that describes the impacts of climate change on mental health and well-being. It includes discussions on the following: Psychosocial and
A guidebook of gender-sensitive approaches to climate change policy for city planning. It discusses the different ways in which women and men are affected by climate change. This guidebook includes discussions on gender inequalities such
This reading is a comprehensive overview of how capitalism has shaped our response and reaction to climate change. This book is divided into three parts - Bad Timing, Magical thinking and Starting Anyway. Bad timing
A reading that discusses the impact of climate change on health, security and international conflict. It discusses how climate change can cause the spread of vector-borne disease across geopolitical borders and thus lead to security
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