Climate and Health

A video titled ‘Mental Health Issues and Climate Change’ by Lise Van Susteren, George Mason University, that discusses the link between climate change and mental health. The video discusses impacts of climate change on physical
An audio lecture from the ‘Climate Change and Health’ audio series by Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University, that discusses how climate change and environmental change will impact physical and mental health
An audio conversation between Caroline Hickman and Tree Staunton, hosted by the Climate Psychology Alliance, about the need for climate and environmental awareness in psychotherapy.  This tool can be used to teach your students about
A chapter from the report, ‘Psychology and Global Climate Change’, of The American Psychological Association that describes the impacts of climate change on mental health and well-being. It includes discussions on the following: Psychosocial and
Ted McIntyre in conversation with D.R. Tucker discussing public health risks of climate change  following the release of 'The Climate and Health Assessment' Report from the White House (USA). About the Tool Tool Name Public
A guidebook of gender-sensitive approaches to climate change policy for city planning. It discusses the different ways in which women and men are affected by climate change. This guidebook includes discussions on gender inequalities such
This is an audio podcast of The Guardian on the psychology of climate science denial. This tool discusses psychological barriers and cognitive biases that determine individual responses to climate change. Students will learn about the
A classroom/laboratory activity to establish the potential link between the geographic distribution of malaria and increasing temperature caused by climate change. Students will use maps and temperature data sheets to determine the locations where malaria
This video gives an overview of Climate and Health, and especially about the vector-borne diseases.  Tool Name Human Health, Vector-Borne Diseases, and Climate Change Discipline Biology Topic(s) in Human Health, Vector-Borne Diseases Climate Climate and
This reading resource contains several modules and case studies on climate change and its impact on human health. Chapters (available for download or to read online ) include Temperature-related Death and Illness; Air Quality Impacts;
An audio podcast of the American Psychological Association where Dr. Susan Claytonto speaks  about the  impacts of climate change on mental health and well-being. The students will be introduced to Clayton’s work on psychological response
This reading resource can be used by educators teaching Psychology or Social Sciences to show the psychological dimensions of climate change. It contains six sections that include information on how people understand the risks imposed
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