Climate and the Anthroposphere

A reading by Dipesh Chakrabarty, The University of Chicago titled ‘Postcolonial Studies and the Challenge of Climate Change’ that discusses the link between globalization and global warming. Chakrabarty discusses this link through the writings of
A teaching module that discusses the carbon cycle and the nitrogen cycle. This reading by University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) describes the 2 cycles and details how the components are cycled through different parts
A video lecture titled ‘The Ancient Maya Response to Climate Change: A Cautionary Tale’ by B.L Turner II, Arizona State University, on the archaeology and geography of climate change during the Maya Civilization. The lecture
A reading that describes how the cement industry contributes to global warming. This reading by Carbon Brief discusses the production of traditional cement and how this contributes to 8% of carbon dioxide emissions globally. It
A short reading by the Population Reference Bureau on climate change impacts and population demographics. This reading discusses potential climate change impacts on human communities with respect to changes in size and distribution of the
A short video commentary  by Dr Maya Dodd, FLAME University, India  on ‘The Climate of History: Four Theses’ by Dipesh Chakrabarty. This video commentary summarizes Dipesh Chakrabarty’s essay on the link between history, literature and
A music album titled ‘The Rap Guide To Climate Chaos’ by Baba Brinkman that contains 24 tracks on climate change. The album discusses the science, politics and economics of climate change. The tracks cover a
An essay by Dipesh Chakrabarty, The University of Chicago titled ‘The Climate of History: Four Theses’  that discusses the link between human history and climate change. The reading discusses the environmental history of the planet,
A video micro lecture by Stephanie LeMenager, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University, that discusses the genre of climate fiction (Cli-Fi). The video introduces this new genre of writing and includes definitions by contemporary artists, authors and
A video lecture by Raghu Murtugudde​, University of Maryland, on the impacts of climate change on human evolution and early civilizations. This video lecture is part 1 of a 3-part lecture series titled ‘Climate Change
A video lecture by Raghu Murtugudde​, University of Maryland, on the historic record of human activity from the start of the Holocene period, 11,000 years ago, to the Little Ice Age. This video lecture is
A reading by Jonathan T. Park, University of Utah, that discusses the link between climate change and capitalism. This reading discusses how consumer ideology in a capitalist society results in the overproduction and overconsumption of
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