Climate and the Atmosphere

A video micro-lecture by Jeff Dozier, University of California, Santa Barbara,  that explains how climate change can affect the water cycle on Earth.  Students will learn that rising temperatures can affect and change precipitation patterns.
An e-learning course to understand how cities are impacted by and influence climate change. Students will learn about how urban areas contribute to climate change, how climate change affects cities, and how climate change adaptation
A reading that introduces hydrocarbons, fossil fuels, and the products of combustion of different hydrocarbons such as carbon dioxide- a greenhouse gas. Students will learn about the products of the combustion of different hydrocarbons. The
A hands-on classroom/laboratory activity to learn about the Coriolis Effect.  In this activity, students use a simple paper-based model to understand how the Coriolis Effect influences the direction of winds, currents, and other objects in
A collection of e-learning courses to learn the basics of climate change science, relationship between climate and oceans, and climate change action. The courses are multidisciplinary in the approach and include the current state of
A reading that describes natural carbon sources and sinks. This reading by Noelle Eckley Selin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, describes how anthropogenic activities alter the concentration of carbon in various sources and sinks, thus, contributing
A reading that describes how the cement industry contributes to global warming. This reading by Carbon Brief discusses the production of traditional cement and how this contributes to 8% of carbon dioxide emissions globally. It
A visualization to observe, understand, explore, and analyze the molecular structure of carbon compounds (CO2, CH4), the effect of electromagnetic radiation on these molecules, and the role of greenhouse gases in climate change. Students will
A reading to learn about the Hadley Cell and a simple model for the Hadley Circulation, using the law of conservation of angular momentum. In this reading, students will discuss and explore the effects of
A video lecture titled, ‘Basic Thermodynamics’ from the e-learning course, ‘Introduction to Atmospheric Science’ developed by C Balaji, IIT Madras, for National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), India. This video lecture explains and details
Two video lectures titled, ‘The Second Law of Thermodynamics - Clausius Clapeyron Relation’ and ‘Clausius Clapeyron Relation (Contd.)’ from the e-learning course, ‘Introduction to Atmospheric Science’ developed by C Balaji, IIT Madras, for National Programme
An infographic that contains information on black carbon in the atmosphere and its contribution to global warming. This infographic titled, ‘Black Carbon’, by Climate & Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), explains what black carbon is, its
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