Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Statistical Methods to Determine Trends in Hurricane Intensity
A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about linear slope, trends, confidence intervals, and Student’s t-distribution by calculating trends and uncertainties using
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Climate Change Is About…Water – Teaching and Activities Guide
This tool helps students learn about the link between climate change and water, and the resulting social and cultural impacts.
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Visualization: If Global Temperature Rises by 4 °C
An interactive visualization to observe the effects of a global temperature increase of 4 °C on human health, agriculture, forests,
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Visualization: The Effects of Sea-level Rise on the Coast of California
An interactive visualization to observe and understand the possible effects of sea-level rise and different storm scenarios on the coast
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Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Determining Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise
A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about the rate of sea-level rise and the response of shorelines to sea-level change.
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Harvey Hurricane
Satellite images show Harvey’s impact on Texas towns
Texas was hit by Harvey hurricane in September 2017. The visualisation shows Harvey’s impact on Texas towns. Credits to Extreme Weather,
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