Policies, Politics and Environmental Governance

A short video titled ‘Marxist theory: Relevant to climate change today?’ by Graham Murdock, Loughborough University, that discusses the impact of capitalism on climate change. Murdock discusses Marx’s commentary on the breakdown of the relationship
An e-learning course to understand how cities are impacted by and influence climate change. Students will learn about how urban areas contribute to climate change, how climate change affects cities, and how climate change adaptation
A video/ microlecture by Petra Tschakert, Pennsylvania State University that discusses the gender dimensions of climate change in terms of its impacts, representation, and participation. It focuses on the importance of gender and other dimensions
Series of two E-Learning Courses on Introduction to Climate Change and Climate Science Following are two online courses in Climate Change and Climate Science by the National Resource Centre (NRC) on Climate Change at the
A video lecture that discusses how the social sciences have evolved to address issues of climate change by D. Parthasarathy. This video lecture is part 1 of a 2-part lecture  series titled ‘Climate Change and
A video lecture that discusses the link between politics, culture and climate change by D. Parthasarthy. This video lecture is part 2 of a 2-part lecture  series titled ‘Climate Change and Society: Culture, Politics, And
A reading to learn about the effects of climate change on human rights, governmental responsibility in addressing these human rights issues, assessment of actions implemented, and recommendations on integrating human rights considerations with climate adaptation
A video lecture by Vibhuti Patel, SNDT Women’s University, India, titled ‘Gender and Climate Change’ that discusses gender dimensions of climate change. This lecture discusses the role of women in households and how climate change
Teaching modules to learn about climate justice in the context of the world and in the context of British Columbia (BC). Students will discuss the challenges encountered in climate justice; concepts such as food justice,
A classroom/laboratory activity for Mathematics teachers to teach about Differential Calculus, specifically, about polynomial differentiation focusing on  Tangent Line Problem and Curve Fitting. This activity contains yearly data of the globally averaged marine surface methane
A short article that describes the decline of insect population due to climate change. This article by the Entomological Society of America focuses on the importance of insects in food webs and how climate change
A teaching module to learn about the impacts of climate change on human health, and to discuss climate adaptation and mitigation measures that would reduce these health-related risks. Students will apply systems thinking to learn
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