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This guided lecture and discussion helps students to understand the possible impact of climate change on animal migration (an important animal behaviour) and to explore the neuroscience of migration. The example of monarch butterfly migration
An e-learning course to learn about the impact of climate change on children. Students will understand the effects of climate change on children, discuss climate resilience and climate change mitigation actions that can benefit children,
A classroom/laboratory activity to calculate the mean daily temperature using hourly temperature data and to compare different statistical techniques for determining this value. Students will use a given data set to calculate the mean daily
A classroom/laboratory activity to learn about regression analysis of data by using global temperature data over a period of 150 years. Students will plot global mean temperatures, perform regression analysis, and determine global mean temperature
A classroom/laboratory activity to perform linear regression on climate data from the Arctic. Students will perform linear regression analysis on the average monthly extent of Arctic sea ice (from 1979 to the present) and will
An audio podcast to learn about climate change-related human migration and its outcomes, and to initiate a discussion on policy measures that can help in better management of population movement caused by climate change. Students
A comic book to understand the effects of climate change on our environment, and specifically, on conch shells, coral reefs, and integrated ecosystems. Students will read about the possible effects of climate change in the
A video to learn about hurricanes as heat engines, and the possible effects of increasing sea surface temperature on the intensity and frequency of hurricanes. Students will understand the process of hurricane formation, and the
A visualization to learn about the infrared (IR) spectra of different greenhouse gases and the effect of greenhouse gases on the Earth’s climate. Students will use the visualization to view the IR spectra of different
A mobile app to learn about glaciers across the world. Students will search for glacier-related information based on name, country, and other filters. They can also play a card game to test their glacier knowledge.
This is a UNESCO course for secondary teachers on climate change education for sustainable development. As mentioned by UNESCO, this six day course supports teacher education institutions to introduce climate change education into their pre-service
A video micro-lecture that discusses Earth’s energy balance and the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere. Students will learn how to determine the surface temperature of planet Earth with no atmosphere and with 1- and 2-layer
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