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Bien que les ressources pédagogiques suivantes soient principalement disponibles en anglais, il est possible de les traduire dans différentes langues, dont le français.

A visualization and associated activity to explain how Planck’s Law can be used to plot blackbody curves of objects with different temperatures, the relationship between temperature and peak wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, and the
An e-learning course to understand how cities are impacted by and influence climate change. Students will learn about how urban areas contribute to climate change, how climate change affects cities, and how climate change adaptation
A visualization to observe, understand, explore, and analyze the molecular structure of carbon compounds (CO2, CH4), the effect of electromagnetic radiation on these molecules, and the role of greenhouse gases in climate change. Students will
A visualization to learn about the pH scale, the pH of different liquids, ocean acidification, and the possible impacts of ocean acidification on marine life. Students will identify the pH of different liquids and observe
An interactive visualization to visualize the shrinking and growing of a glacier as a result of changes in snowfall and temperature. Students will change parameters such as temperature and snowfall and observe the corresponding effects
A reading to learn about the economic analysis of climate change, and various economic policies for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Students will read about and discuss topics on the economics of global climate change.
A feature story on a comprehensive report by the World Bank that describes the threat of climate change to poor people and the ways to offset it through adaptation and mitigation strategies. The students will
An e-learning course to learn about the impact of climate change on children. Students will understand the effects of climate change on children, discuss climate resilience and climate change mitigation actions that can benefit children,
Education aux changements climatiques à travers des programmes scolaires dans le monde entier: Le changement climatique est un des enjeux les plus préoccupants aujourd’hui. Il nuit au développement durable et équitable de tous les pays
An e-learning course to learn the basics of climate change science, climate change policies, climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate change finance, and climate change action. The course contains the following modules: Climate Change Science
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