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Aunque estos recursos pedagogícos son disponible principalmente en inglés, también están traducidos al varias lenguas, incluido el español.

Reading: Climate-Informed Development to Mitigate Global Poverty
A feature story on a comprehensive report by the World Bank that describes the threat of climate change to poor people and the ways to offset it through adaptation and mitigation strategies.
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Teaching Module: Climate Change and Water
A teaching module to introduce the impact of climate change on water systems and the resulting effects on human society.
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E-learning Course: An Introduction to Climate Change
An e-learning course to learn the basics of climate change science, climate change policies, climate change adaptation and mitigation, climate change finance, and climate change action.
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Visualization: The Changing pH of Ocean Water and Its Impact on Marine Life
A visualization to learn about the pH scale, the pH of different liquids, ocean acidification, and the possible impacts of ocean acidification on marine life.
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E-learning Course: Impact of Climate Change on Children
An e-learning course to learn about the impact of climate change on children.
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Video: Rising Sea Surface Temperature and Hurricane Intensity
A video to learn about hurricanes as heat engines, and the possible effects of increasing sea surface temperature on the intensity and frequency of hurricanes.
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