Biological Sciences

Integrate climate science in your teaching and use these educational resources to teach topics such as:

Biodiversity, Species and Speciation, Species Distribution and Species Habitats, Range Shift, Survival Skills, Phenology, Phenophases, Leaf-out, Flowering and Bud Burst, Sex Determination, Human Health, Epidemiology, Vector borne Diseases, Microbes, Microbial Growth and more.

A video that describes a new gene editing technology, ‘CRISPR: Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats’, which could be utilized in agricultural production in response to climate change. This video by Zachary Lippman, Cold Spring
A reading by John Agaba, Alliance for Science, Cornell University, that describes the importance of food security in Sub-Saharan Africa, in the face of climate change. This reading includes several examples of genetically modified crops
A short reading from Chapter 1, Lesson 3 of ‘Integrating Climate Change Issues in Southeast Asian Schools; A Teachers’ Guide’ that describes how changes in temperature can affect insect life cycles and populations. This lesson
A video that describes how climate change affects plants and insect pollination. This video by NASA scientist, Wayne Esaias, describes current research on impacts of climate change on pollination cycles of bees using satellite imagery. 
A video microlecture that briefly describes evolutionary adaptations in animals due to climate change. This video by educator, Erin Eastwood, for TED-Ed introduces the topic of evolutionary adaptation and how animals are forced to evolve
A video microlecture that discusses the potential impact of global warming on human health and sleep cycles. This video by Ryan Cross, hosted on the website of the journal Science,  describes the effects of warmer 
A reading that discusses ecosystems, biomes, food chains, and food webs and how the balance of an ecosystem can be disrupted by climate change induced insect outbreak. This reading by Dr. Kaka Tshering and Chimi
A reading that discusses different aspects of evolutionary adaptations to climate change in animals. This reading by Renee Cho, Earth Institute, Columbia University, uses various examples to showcase how animals adapt to climate change and
A video lecture by Raghu Murtugudde​, University of Maryland, on the impacts of climate change on human evolution and early civilizations. This video lecture is part 1 of a 3-part lecture series titled ‘Climate Change
A case study titled ‘Mountain Gorillas Ecosystem Services and Local Livelihoods in Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo’ from the report ‘Biodiversity, Climate Change and Sustainable Development - Harnessing Synergies and Celebrating Successes’. This case
A case study titled ‘Mountain gorillas in the Virunga mountains face new threats as their habitat changes’ from ‘Wildlife in a Changing Climate’. This case study describes threats to mountain gorillas that live in the
An article in Nature Education Knowledge that describes the effect of elevated levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on photosynthesis. This article describes how elevated levels of carbon dioxide causes an increased rate of
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