Integrate climate science in your teaching and use these educational resources to teach topics such as:

Climate Change Literature, Climate Fiction CliFi, Climate and Culture, Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate Change and Human Rights, Climate Refugees, Environmental Migration, Climate Change and Children, Historical Climatology, The Decline of Civilizations, Climate Change and the Roman Empire and more.

A guidebook of gender-sensitive approaches to climate change policy for city planning. It discusses the different ways in which women and men are affected by climate change. This guidebook includes discussions on gender inequalities such
This reading is a comprehensive overview of how capitalism has shaped our response and reaction to climate change. This book is divided into three parts - Bad Timing, Magical thinking and Starting Anyway. Bad timing
The Office for Climate Education (OCE) presents a Teachers Guidebook that aims to support teachers in carrying out various activities on climate change and the ocean and cryosphere in their classrooms, and targets students of
A teaching module to learn about climate refugees, specific examples of climate change-related migration, challenges in resettling climate refugees, and actions to help people displaced by climate change. Students will read and discuss climate change
Teaching modules to learn about climate change science and climate change literature by analyzing and interpreting data and by performing rhetorical analyses of climate change literature. “The module is designed to be completed in introductory
Teaching modules to learn about climate justice in the context of the world and in the context of British Columbia (BC). Students will discuss the challenges encountered in climate justice; concepts such as food justice,
A visualization and classroom/laboratory activity to learn about regions and communities that are affected by the problem of climate refugees and environmental migration because of the effects of climate change. Students will apply mapmaking and
A set of reading resources to learn about climate change and the humanities. About the Tool Tool Name Book List: Climate Change & Humanities Discipline Humanities Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Change in the Humanities Climate
An e-learning course to learn about the principles and strategies in the integration of gender in climate-smart agriculture (CSA) projects. Students will learn about the practical aspects (design, preparation, implementation, and monitoring) of gender integration
A reading to learn about the effects of climate change on human rights, governmental responsibility in addressing these human rights issues, assessment of actions implemented, and recommendations on integrating human rights considerations with climate adaptation
A video (talk delivered by Michael McCormick) to learn about the connection between history, archaeology, and climate by understanding the relationship between climate change and historical change in Medieval Europe and in the Roman Empire.
An audio podcast (Prof. Bathsheba Demuth interviewed by Prof. Dagomar Degroot) to learn about environmental and climate-related changes in the Arctic, the history of capitalism and communism across the Bering Strait, and the unique ecological
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