Social Sciences

Topics In Social Sciences:

Behavioral Psychology
Climate Psychology
Climate Refugees
Cultural Studies
Food Security
Human Migration
International Relations
Mental Health
Peace and Conflict Studies
Political Science
Public Policy
Security Studies
A video micro-lecture to understand the topic of food security and learn about the relationship between food production and the climate. Students will learn about food security, the various dimensions of food security, the possible
A teaching module to learn about the impacts of climate change on human health, and to discuss climate adaptation and mitigation measures that would reduce these health-related risks. Students will apply systems thinking to learn
A teaching module by Andrew Szasz, University of California, Santa Cruz titled ‘A Climate Change Module for Introductory Sociology Classes’ for instructors and teachers that discusses how climate change can be taught in the Sociology
A panel discussion organised by the Getty Conservation Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council on the impact of climate change on the built environment. The lecture consists of a panel discussion that focuses on
A short reading by the Aspen Global Change Institute that summarizes what the anthroposphere is. This resource can be used as an introduction to the topic by teachers interested in teaching about the anthroposphere and
A video lecture by Dr. Noam Chomsky on Public Policy and Climate Change Education. This video discusses legislative processes of public education related to climate change, renewable energy, and fossil fuels. It specifically discusses how,
A short reading by the Population Reference Bureau on climate change impacts and population demographics. This reading discusses potential climate change impacts on human communities with respect to changes in size and distribution of the
A video titled ‘Cognition of Climate Change Denial’ by Stephen Lewandowsky, University of Western Australia, that explains how human cognition processes and responds to climate change. The video discusses different psychological and cognitive factors, perceptions,
A video titled ‘Mental Health Issues and Climate Change’ by Susan Clayton, The College of Wooster, that discusses the impacts of climate change on mental health. The video focuses on why it is necessary to
A reading from ‘The Epicenters of Climate and Security: The New Geostrategic Landscape of the Anthropocene’ by The Center for Climate and Security on human migration and displacement caused by climate change. It describes the
This podcast is a dialogue between Bruno Latour and Dipesh Chakrabarty on the geopolitics of climate change. It includes a critical discussion on the underlying politics of what is considered scientific ‘facts’ today and its
A reading that discusses the impact of climate change on health, security and international conflict. It discusses how climate change can cause the spread of vector-borne disease across geopolitical borders and thus lead to security
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