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A video lecture by Dr. Noam Chomsky on Public Policy and Climate Change Education. This video discusses legislative processes of public education related to climate change, renewable energy, and fossil fuels. It specifically discusses how,
A video microlecture that discusses the potential impact of global warming on human health and sleep cycles. This video by Ryan Cross, hosted on the website of the journal Science,  describes the effects of warmer 
A video by award-winning journalist, author and filmmaker, Naomi Klein, at the Cambridge Forum about her book titled, ‘This Changes Everything’. In this video, Naomi Klein summarizes her book and explains why she thinks that
An audio conversation between Caroline Hickman, psychotherapist and climate psychology lecturer at University of Bath, and host Verity Sharp about the methods of engaging children and young people in discussions surrounding climate change and ecological
A video of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Biointeractive that describes the threats of climate change on the ecosystem of the Yellowstone National Park, USA. In this video, Elizabeth Hadley, Stanford University, discusses how
As a teacher of Psychology in the Social Sciences, you can use this teaching module to draw a link between psychological bias and climate change.  Through this module students will learn about the ‘MPG Illusion’
An audio podcast of the American Psychological Association where Dr. Susan Claytonto speaks  about the  impacts of climate change on mental health and well-being. The students will be introduced to Clayton’s work on psychological response
As a teacher of Psychology in the Social Sciences you can use this video to teach your students aspects of behavioral science, explain the limitations of our brains in perceiving climate change, and discuss potential
This is an audio podcast of The Guardian on the psychology of climate science denial. This tool discusses psychological barriers and cognitive biases that determine individual responses to climate change. Students will learn about the
NOAA’s 'Data in the Classroom',  is a set of classroom/online activities based upon real time ocean data, to establish the potential link between the changes in oceans and marine life caused by climate change. With
As a High School or Undergraduate Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, or Geography teacher, you can use this lesson plan to teach your students about climate change and global warming and specifically the impacts of climate
A video lecture that gives an overview of how vegetation responds to climate change in terms of phenotypic plasticity, range shifts, phenology, and population changes. Students will learn about plant responses to increased CO2 levels,
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