A game to explore scenarios of future energy demand, allocate different energy sources to meet projected demands, and observe the consequences on carbon emission levels and global temperature. Students will allocate a given budget to
A computer-based game to understand the impact of climate change on health and to determine actions/policies for preventing the spread of diseases. Students will play a game to identify diseases from their symptoms, learn about
A game that provides an immersive learning experience to visualize the possible effects of climate change on our cities and neighborhoods in the future, and to explore actions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Students
A game to learn about decisions, policies, and overall strategies to improve the climate resilience of a city. Students will play the role of decision-makers to build a climate-resilient city. They will choose from different
A game to learn about the planning and management of resources in order to improve the resilience of cities to climate change-related events such as heat waves, ocean acidification, hurricanes, and sea-level rise. Students will
NASA Climate Kids contains a collection of online games such as Coral Bleaching, Meet the Greenhouse Gases, Play OFFSET!, Play Power Up!, Slyder: The Art of Weather, Missions to Planet Earth, Wild Weather Adventure, and
A visualization/model/game to build your own version of planet Earth and learn about the Earth’s climate system and the factors that influence it by configuring various parameters and observing their effect on climate. Students will
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