Audio Podcasts

An audio podcast (Prof. Bathsheba Demuth interviewed by Prof. Dagomar Degroot) to learn about environmental and climate-related changes in the Arctic, the history of capitalism and communism across the Bering Strait, and the unique ecological
Discussion on climate and culture with writers Amitav Ghosh, Lidia Yuknavitch and visual artist Kambui Olujimi. Audio conversation about global warming as viewed from the perspective of writers and artists. About the Tool Tool Name
In this audio podcast from the Climate History Podcast, "Professor Dagomar Degroot interviews Professor John McNeill (Georgetown University) about the Anthropocene: the proposed geological epoch in which Earth's environment is most profoundly shaped by humanity."
This audio podcast discusses how glaciers in the Yukon are responding to climate change. It focuses on changes in the physical characteristics of these glaciers  and several methods used by glaciologists to track changes due
Ted McIntyre in conversation with D.R. Tucker discussing public health risks of climate change  following the release of 'The Climate and Health Assessment' Report from the White House (USA). About the Tool Tool Name Public
This short audio podcast discusses shifts in bird migration patterns due to climate change. It discusses bird species native to Wisconsin and changes in their migratory patterns.About the Tool Tool Name  Bird populations shift north
An audio podcast to learn about climate change-related human migration and its outcomes, and to initiate a discussion on policy measures that can help in better management of population movement caused by climate change. Students
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