Beat the Uncertainty: Planning Climate-Resilient Cities

In this game, students will make decisions and policies to improve the resilience of a city in the face of climate change-related events. The uncertainty of such events poses challenges that require students to understand and choose the best overall strategies for climate resilience.

Who Tief Muh Conch? The possible effects of climate change in the Bahamas

This comic book provides an introduction to the effects of climate change on our environment, and specifically, on coral reefs and integrated ecosystems. In this book, two schoolchildren in the Bahamas explain the possible effects of climate change and propose actions for adaptation and mitigation.

UNESCO Short Course: Climate Change in the Classroom

This is a UNESCO course for secondary teachers on climate change education for sustainable development. As mentioned by UNESCO, this six day course supports teacher education institutions to introduce climate change education into their pre-service and in-service training programme. The course is designed to give teachers confidence in facilitating climate change education for sustainable development across the curriculum and inside and outside the classroom. The course suggests that the teaching of climate change should go beyond the science classroom. It proposes a pedagogical framework, exercises, regional resource and facilitation guidelines to teacher educators.