Classroom/Laboratory Activity, Teaching Module: Cost-Benefit Analysis for Carbon Emissions Abatement

A classroom/laboratory activity or teaching module to perform cost-benefit analysis for carbon emissions abatement, considered to be an action that will mitigate climate change.

Model/Simulator: Climate Change, the Economy, and Society

A model/simulator to understand the relationships between climate change, economics, and social factors.

Game: Climate Change and Energy

A game to explore scenarios of future energy demand, allocate different energy sources to meet projected demands, and observe the consequences on carbon emission levels and global temperature.

Model/Simulator: The Economics of Oil

A model/simulator to understand the prediction of peak global oil production, and to learn about oil as an energy source, its peak and reserves, and the economics and geopolitics of oil.

Model/Simulator: Predicting Future Carbon Emissions

A model/simulator to learn about and use the Kaya Identity to predict future carbon emissions.

Classroom/Laboratory Activity: Using Introductory Calculus (Integration) to Analyze CO2 Emission Data

A classroom/laboratory activity to analyze CO2 emissions data by using Riemann sums for the calculation of area under the curve.

Reading (Teaching Manual): Algebra and Climate

A teaching manual for instructors that integrates sustainability themes with mathematics topics for courses or projects in algebra, pre-calculus, or math for liberal arts.