Blackbody Spectrum

This interactive simulation helps students to understand topics such as Planck’s Law; Wien’s Law; Blackbody Radiation; Stefan Boltzmann’s Law; the Relationship between Temperature and Peak Wavelength of the Electromagnetic Spectrum; Planetary Temperatures as a Function of Solar Energy Received; and Greenhouse Effect of Earth’s Atmosphere.

Interactive Energy and Climate Simulation : Game

Interactive Energy and Climate Simulation 

The game allows a student to explore scenarios of future energy demand, to allocate energy sources to meet projected demands and to observe the consequences on temperature and carbon emission levels.

This game can be used as an aid to teach topics such as Socio-economic Studies, and Energy, Economics and Climate Change.

Energy, Economics and Climate : Kaya

 Kaya Identity Scenario Prognosticator

Project future carbon emission, temperature and sea level based on projected population, economic growth and energy consumption.

This tool can be used as an aid to teach topics such as Energy, Economics and Climate Change.