China’s Perspective on Climate Change|应对气候变化的中国视角

本课程的内容可以向国际社会彰显中国应对气候变化的立场、政策和行动及其成效。This course hosted at EdX learning platform helps to understand China’s perspectives, policies, actions and effects on global climate changes to the international community.

Data Storytelling Studio: Climate Change

This course hosted at MIT Open Course Ware explores visualization methodologies to conceive and represent systems and data, e.g., financial, media, economic, political, etc., with a particular focus on climate change data. The course is useful not only for Media and Communication Studies but also for Computer Science, and Statistics disciplines. 

Beat the Uncertainty: Planning Climate-Resilient Cities

In this game, students will make decisions and policies to improve the resilience of a city in the face of climate change-related events. The uncertainty of such events poses challenges that require students to understand and choose the best overall strategies for climate resilience.