Reading: Water Vapour Feedback and Earth’s Climate

A reading that explains the phase diagrams of water on Earth, Mars, and Venus and discusses the water vapor feedback mechanism in the atmospheres of these planets that influences the greenhouse effect.

Reading: Photosynthesis and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

A reading that discusses the effects of elevated CO2 levels on the photosynthetic efficiency of field-grown plants.

Reading: Climate-Informed Development to Mitigate Global Poverty

A feature story on a comprehensive report by the World Bank that describes the threat of climate change to poor people and the ways to offset it through adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Reading: Natural Selection and Evolutionary Rescue of a Species

A reading that shows that climate change can be a selective pressure in natural selection. It explains how the selection of a character that provides an adaptive advantage in a changed environment, leads to the ‘evolutionary rescue’ of a species.

Reading: Molecular Vibration Modes and the Greenhouse Effect

A reading that discusses how chemical bonds in molecules respond to incident IR light and absorb IR energy during certain modes of vibration. The reading includes discussions on the vibrational modes of water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules and explains why these gases act as greenhouse gases.

Reading: Hydrocarbon Combustion

A reading that introduces hydrocarbons, fossil fuels, and the products of combustion of different hydrocarbons such as carbon dioxide- a greenhouse gas.

Reading: Isotopic Compositions and Ice Cores

A reading that explains how the analyses of hydrogen and oxygen isotopes from ice cores determine past temperatures on Earth.

Reading: Earth’s Equable Climate

A reading that explains Earth’s equable climate in the past using the theories, Hadley Cells, Convective Cloud Feedback, Polar Stratospheric Clouds, and Tropical Cyclones.

Reading: Books on Climate Change Economics

A set of reading resources to learn and understand the economics of climate change.

Reading: Economics and Global Climate Change

A reading to learn about the economic analysis of climate change, and various economic policies for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Reading: Environmental Economics

A reading to learn about the economics of Earth’s environment and climate.

Reading: Glaciers as Indicators of Climate Change

A reading that introduces the topic of glaciers and their formation

Reading: Climate Change and Agriculture

A reading to learn about the effects of climate change on food security and to explore climate change adaptation measures to ensure food security

Reading: Changes in Intensity and Frequency of Hurricanes

A reading to learn about recent changes in hurricane activity, specifically in the Atlantic. 

Reading: Hurricanes and Climate Change

A reading to learn about what affect hurricane activity and the measures that can help in building resilience to the impacts of hurricanes