Video: Climate Change and the American Pika

A video that explains the impact of climate change on the habitat and population of a species (specifically, the American Pika) and explores whether this species could be used as an indicator of climate change.

Students will learn about climate-related factors that are important for the survival of pikas in summer and winter. They will also understand how climate-sensitive species such as alpine pikas could serve as indicators of the health of water resources in alpine ecosystems,

Use this tool to help students find answers to:

  1. How could climate change affect the survival of the American Pika?2
  2. How is the effect of climate change on the American Pika being studied?

About the Tool

Tool Name The American Pika: A Climate Change Indicator Species?
Discipline Biological Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Animal Habitats, Ecosystems, Ecology, Species
Climate Topic Climate Change and the Biosphere
Type of Tool Video
Grade Level High school, Undergraduate
Location Colorado, USA
Language English
Developed by Chris Ray, University of Colorado Boulder; Niwot Ridge LTER Program; Earth Initiatives
Hosted at YouTube (Niwot Ridge)
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic