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Algebra and Climate

Algebra and Climate Reading A teaching manual for instructors that integrates sustainability themes with mathematics topics for courses or projects in algebra, pre-calculus, or math for liberal arts. These modules, which include exercises and research questions, cover the following topics: Milkweed and Monarch Butterflies Wind Energy Greenhouse Gas Emissions Carbon Footprints and Population Growth About […]

Algebra: Formula Substitution using the Wind Energy Equation

Algebra: Formula Substitution using the Wind Turbine Energy Equation Overview As a high school Mathematics teacher, you can use this set of computer-based tools to help you in teaching Formula Substitution in algebra after introducing formulas, numbers, variables, and constants. Global warming due to fossil fuel emissions, is believed to be one of the causes […]

Modelling the Effect of Changes in Radiation on Planetary Temperature

Modelling the Effect of Changes in Radiation on Planetary Temperature Classroom/Laboratory Activity A classroom/laboratory activity to model how changes in the radiation entering or leaving the Earth affect the temperature of the planet. Students will model the data by using Excel spreadsheets and will then determine whether a polynomial function or an exponential function provides […]

Climate Change Mathematics by NASA

Climate Change Mathematics by NASA Teaching Module A teaching module by NASA makes the use of basic mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometric functions and statistics to understand earth science and climate change. This teaching module consists of a range of topics, for different grade levels, and relates them to mathematical modelling. The topic covered are as […]

Mathematics and Statistics

Search by Resource Type Lesson Plan Teaching Tool Search by Key Topics in Mathematics and Statistics Algebra Calculus Polynomial Differentiation Differentiation Functions Integration Quadratic Regression Introduction To Statistics Linear Regression Mathematical Modeling Mean Median Mode Standard Deviation Probability Confidence Interval Computer Programming Climate Change Overview Reimann Sum Trend Analysis Numerical Modeling Trigonometry Data Science Algebra […]


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