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Build Climate Models using Python

Build Climate Models using Python Online Course An e-learning course to create climate models in Python through hands-on programming exercises. Students will use Python to model energy balance; ice-albedo feedback; ice sheet dynamics; and pressure, rotation, and fluid flow. Use this tool to help your students find answers to: Derive the parameterized relationship between T, […]

Mathematics and Statistics

Search by Resource Type Lesson Plan Teaching Tool Search by Key Topics in Mathematics and Statistics Algebra Calculus Polynomial Differentiation Differentiation Functions Integration Quadratic Regression Introduction To Statistics Linear Regression Mathematical Modeling Mean Median Mode Standard Deviation Probability Confidence Interval Computer Programming Climate Change Overview Reimann Sum Trend Analysis Numerical Modeling Trigonometry Data Science Algebra […]

Modelling the Earth’s Zonal Energy Balance

Modelling the Earth’s Zonal Energy Balance Classroom/Laboratory Activity A laboratory activity to create an energy balance model for planet Earth and obtain numerical solutions for the differential equations in the model. Students will write code (using MATLAB or Mathematica) to model the distribution of the Earth’s surface temperature in response to increasing carbon emissions in […]


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