Behavioural Psychology and Climate Change

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As a teacher of Psychology in the Social Sciences you can use this video to teach your students aspects of behavioral science, explain the limitations of our brains in perceiving climate change, and discuss potential behavioral science solutions to the climate crisis.

Through this video students will understand the concept of psychological distance and how that impacts individual behavior towards climate change. Students will learn about the limitations of the human mind and how effective personal, visual images can be in choosing sustainable lifestyles. Furthermore, students will learn the stages of behavioral psychology from cognitive perception to emotional relation to behavior change. 

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is behavioral psychology?
  2. How do cognitive and psychological factors like ‘psychological distance’ influence responses to climate change?
  3. What effective measures can be taken to instigate behavioral changes at an individual level when responding to the climate crisis?

About the Tool

Tool Name The Psychology of Climate Change
Discipline Social Sciences, Psychology
Topic(s) in Discipline Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Bias, Psychological Distance
Climate Topic Climate and Society
Type of Tool Video (30 mins)
Grade Level Undergraduate
Location  US
Language English
Developed by Sabine Pahl, University of Plymouth
Hosted at PICSCanada
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