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The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect Model/Simulation An interactive simulation to explore the role of different greenhouse gases in causing the greenhouse effect. This PhET simulation titled, ‘The Greenhouse Effect’ by University of Colorado, Boulder, helps to visualise the greenhouse effect of the atmosphere. Students will learn how certain gases in the atmosphere absorb outgoing terrestrial radiation and […]

The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle Reading A reading that describes the impacts of climate change on the water cycle of Earth. This reading titled, ‘The Water Cycle and Climate Change’ by UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) Center for Science Education details the effects of climate change on the natural water cycle on Earth. Students will learn […]

Precipitation Patterns and Climate Change

Precipitation Patterns and Climate Change Video A video micro-lecture by Jeff Dozier, University of California, Santa Barbara, that explains how climate change can affect the water cycle on Earth. Students will learn that rising temperatures can affect and change precipitation patterns. They will further understand how such changes can potentially affect communities through examples from […]

Interactive Quiz on the Water Cycle

Interactive Quiz on the Water Cycle Classroom/Laboratory Activity An interactive quiz about the Water Cycle. This quiz by NASA’s Global Climate Change website allows students to test their knowledge about the natural water cycle and its role in Earth’s climate. Students will be quizzed on various aspects of the water cycle, including evaporation and precipitation. […]

The Chemistry Connection

Climate Change: The Chemistry Connection Reading Module A reading titled, ‘Finding Chemistry Connections in Climate Change’ by Jason Olsen for the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT), provides an introduction to climate change, its impacts and their connection to chemistry. This reading includes discussions on topics in Chemistry that teachers can teach which have a […]

Chemistry and Climate Change

Chemistry and Climate Change Reading Module A reading titled ‘Role of Chemistry in Earth’s Climate’ by A. R. Ravishankara, Yinon Rudich, and John A. Pyle in the American Chemical Society. This article is part of the ‘Chemistry in Climate’ special issue and provides an overview of the links between chemistry and climate change. This short […]

The Concrete Problem

The Concrete Problem Reading A reading that describes how the cement industry contributes to global warming. This reading by Carbon Brief discusses the production of traditional cement and how this contributes to 8% of carbon dioxide emissions globally. It further highlights the projected increase in demand for concrete, particularly in developing countries, and how this […]


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