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Climate Action and Capitalism


An audio conversation between Jason Jay, director of the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, and Rajesh Kasturirangan and Curt Newton, from The Climate Conversations, to discuss the role of market forces and government regulation in climate action. They discuss the theoretical framework of capitalism – its heroic value as well as exploitative nature. They also analyse geopolitical interests in fossil fuels and alternative energies, and the challenges of transitioning to green energy.

Students will learn about climate action and climate justice at an individual level through parallels from geopolitical discussions. They will also learn about the limitations and challenges of capitalism in enabling ‘authentic’ conversations around climate action. Students will also learn how to create conversation around climate change by the use of shared values to understand and discover better solutions.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. What is capitalism and how has it impacted climate action?
  2. Why is it difficult to have open and authentic conversations about climate action?
About Tool
Tool NameClimate Conversations S2E12: Market Forces and Climate Action
Topic(s) in DisciplineCLimate Change Economics, Capitalism, Climate Action, Climate Justice, Market Forces
Climate TopicClimate and Society, Climate Economics
Type of toolAudio (35 mins)
Grade LevelUndergraduate, Graduate
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Developed byClimateX Team

Hosted atClimate Portal
Computer SkillsBasic


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