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Climate Adaptation and Mitigation

Teaching Module

A teaching module titled ‘Adaptation and Mitigation’ from the e-learning course titled ‘Earth in the Future’ developed by Timothy Bralower and David Bice, The Pennsylvania State University. This module discusses the various mitigation and adaptation strategies and discusses what can be done about climate change. This topic is listed as Module 12 of the e-learning course. This overview reading can be used as an introduction to the topic by teachers interested in teaching about Climate Adaptation and Mitigation. The module includes the following topics:

  1. The Economic Costs of Climate Change
  2. Abatement Costs: The Costs of Reducing Emissions
  3. Strategies for Reducing Carbon Emissions
  4. Modeling the Economics of Climate Change
  5. The Need for Regulation of Emissions
  6. Agriculture
  7. Water Resources
  8. Energy Resources
  9. Human Health
  10. Transportation
  11. Migration/Relocation
  12. Geoengineering
  13. Global Equity and Climate Adaptation

Students will learn about climate mitigation and adaptation in the long-term and the short-term. They will also learn about economics of climate change and its role in adaptation and mitigation. Students will additionally understand mitigating carbon emissions from energy, agricultural and transport sectors, among others.

Use this tool to help your students find answers to:

  1. Discusses potential solutions to the climate crisis
  2. What is climate mitigation?
  3. Discuss mitigation strategies of energy, transport, and agricultural sectors.
  4. Discuss some long term mitigation strategies.
  5. Discuss some climate adaptation strategies.
About Tool
Tool Name Adaptation and Mitigation
Discipline Earth Sciences, Economics, Environmental Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Change Overview, Earth’s Climate, Climate Change Economics, Adaptation and Mitigation, Agriculture, Water, Energy, Human Health, Human Migration, Geoengineering, Adaptation, Mitigation
Climate Topic Climate Mitigation and Adaptation
Type of tool Teaching Module
Grade Level Undergraduate, Graduate
Location Global
Language English
Translation      –
Developed by Timothy Bralower and David Bice 
Hosted at Earth in the Future, The Pennsylvania State University 
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic

Mapped Sustainable Development Goal(s), apart from 4 and 13


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