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Climate Justice

Teaching Module

Teaching modules to learn about climate justice in the context of the world and in the context of British Columbia (BC).

The modules in this collection are:

  1. Introduction to Climate Justice
  2. Reimagining our Food System
  3. Transportation Transformation
  4. Rethinking Waste
  5. Fracking Town Hall
  6. Green Industrial Revolution
  7. Imagining the Future We Want
  8. Challenges to Change
Students will discuss the challenges encountered in climate justice; concepts such as food justice, inequality in transportation accessibility, and “the green industrial revolution”; and potential solutions to achieve climate justice in BC.
About Tool
Tool Name Climate Justice in BC: Lessons for Transformation
Discipline Humanities, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences
Topic(s) in Discipline Climate Justice, Social Justice, Green Industrial Revolution, Inequality, Food Security, Waste Management
Climate Topic Policy, Politics, and Environmental Governance, Climate and Society, Climate and Food Security
Type of tool Teaching Module
Grade Level High School, Undergraduate
Location North America, Canada, British Columbia
Language English
Translation      –
Developed by Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the BC Teachers’ Federation
Hosted at       —
Access Online
Computer Skills Basic

Mapped Sustainable Development Goal(s), apart from 4 and 13


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